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Hello, my name is Rob Vest II


Let me tell you a quick story about how I used to coach my clients, and focused on isolating muscle groups and trying to only train them to look good. I was struggling with not only getting results from them but truly teaching them how to adopt a proper mindset when it came to movement.


And I was getting more and more frustrated, and worried with my clients lack of progress, and even my own crappy fitness level. 


You see, at the time I was trying to make everyone workout like a body builder including myself.

I was ignoring natural movement and simply chasing an aesthetic.


Then something incredible happened.


I watched a bodybuilder walking through the gym, and performing a simple task. He sat down and changed his shoes before starting his workout.


I mean first off, this guy was ripped. He looked like a granite sculpture. But what stuck out to me at that moment wasn't his huge