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If you’ve been struggling with walking into a gym and not really knowing what you should do, or worst yet, simply going through the motions while you are there, then grab your copy of NO GYM, NO PROBLEM because, among other things, it reveals how to use only your body weight to build incredible strength and melt fat , so you can get in the best shape of your life .


Hello, my name is Rob Vest II


Let me tell you a quick story about how I used to coach my clients, and focused on isolating muscle groups and trying to only train them to look good. I was struggling with not only getting results from them but truly teaching them how to adopt a proper mindset when it came to movement.


And I was getting more and more frustrated, and worried with my clients lack of progress, and even my own crappy fitness level. 


You see, at the time I was trying to make everyone workout like a body builder including myself.

I was ignoring natural movement and simply chasing an aesthetic.


Then something incredible happened.


I watched a bodybuilder walking through the gym, and performing a simple task. He sat down and changed his shoes before starting his workout.


I mean first off, this guy was ripped. He looked like a granite sculpture. But what stuck out to me at that moment wasn't his huge biceps, but how labored he was in moving. Simply sitting down and changing out his shoes, was making him tired.


It smacked me right in the face.


Now bear in mind, how I was training myself at the time and my clients was similar to this guy.

I was killing myself in the weight room, with multiple day training splits for body parts, chasing that Schwarzenegger look.


I even tried doing ridiculous amounts of cardio, to include running a full marathon so I could "lean out" and get abs,, but that just plain sucked.


Then I tried really limiting my caloric intake, along with training like I mentioned, and it worked a little better but was not fun at all, and in fact, really difficult to stick with.


What smacked me in the face was how the way "he" trained, and how I trained, and unfortunately how I was training my clients, was not going to improve how they/we moved and felt on a daily basis.


And that's when I realized it wasn't completely my fault!


I was failing because of the big globo gyms and fitness industry that were promoting a workout system that was based on training you to look awesome but not necessarily feel or move awesome.


No wonder I was struggling.


For years they wanted me to believe that you can train body parts 3x a week and do Cardio 5x a week and it will make you feel great and look awesome, and when I figured out that it wasn't true, I was finally able to break out of their chains and get the results I deserved!


I had just seen a perfect example of someone who looked in shape, but couldn't even change his shoes without significant effort. 


Was that what I was working toward?


 Was that what I wanted for my clients?


No Way!!


And that's when I finally tried focusing on movement quality, and functional natural movements, done at an incredibly intense pace, and a much shorter time duration than I was accustomed to.. And guess what?


This time it worked!


Once I realized training your whole body, multiple times a week, through constantly changing movement patterns was the secret sauce to getting me and my clients to feel, look, and move the way we needed to, that's when I started to understand how to truly exercise correctly to get the proper results for them really FAST!


I found when I used these methodologies it allowed me to accurately evaluate someone and determine the proper movements I needed to show them to get them feeling stronger and fitter with only one training session. I got my level 2 certification in Movnat, got my Level 1 Certification in Crossfit, and just continued to expand my horizons, and learn all that I could about how to help people move and feel better. 


When you balance your focus on all different aspects of someones physical skills, so that the workouts could, over time, bring about the greatest change , that's when I knew I was on to something, and had found the "holy grail" of exercising. 


It allowed me to train them with incredible intensity all the while keeping them safe

I didn't realize it when I started that not only does it simplify the process for how to truly exercise correctly to make you feel great, destroy fat, and get so much stronger!


And that's why at first I created the "NO Gym No Problem eBook". And it is amazing. It consisted of the 25 most important exercises  I could think of.  But when it was all said and done, it needed more.  


But the book is just not enough.


People need to see the movements to really understand how they should feel when doing them.

And that is what lead to the creation of the "No Gym, No Problem Video Masterclass"


This took me somewhere around 9 years of learning, and thousands of dollars of certifications to create.


But it was totally worth it!


What used to take me 7–9 hours a week of training, I can now get done in 4. That's like half the time.


I really hope to see you all inside the course!! 

No Gym No Problem Transformation Bundle

$1,299.00 Regular Price
$599.00Sale Price
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