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Be Resilient.  It helps everything. 

Thrive, Defy, Transcend



Coach Rob

In the vast expanse of the health, wellness, and fitness landscape, for over 19 electrifying years, I've been the stormy rebel, challenging the norms. I stand rooted in the belief that every human is not just meant to survive, but to thrive — to command their body with raw power and  grace, even as they dance into their 70s and beyond.


Life, with its chaotic symphony, often turns deafening. As days blur into years, responsibilities at home, work, and to the world can pull us into a vortex, causing our health and vitality to slip away unnoticed. Yet, in this whirlwind, there’s often a lightning moment of epiphany — a health scare, a loved one's struggle, or that heart-wrenching realization of neglecting the most important person: oneself.

Embarking on the path of rejuvenation isn’t just about throwing a few punches at a gym bag or trying out the latest diet fad. It’s a pilgrimage, one that demands direction, conviction, and, above all, resilience. Knowing where to start, which path to tread, and how to stay unyieldingly motivated, especially when going solo, can feel like navigating a labyrinth in the dark.

Enter my realm.

With the "Be Resilient Method" as my compass and your indomitable spirit as the torchbearer, my mission is clear: guide you in harnessing your inherent resilience, to not just regain your health, but to elevate it. To transcend boundaries. To sculpt you into the most formidable version of yourself, ready to face life’s tumults with a warrior’s heart and a sage's wisdom.



"In just 6 months of training with Rob  I lost 38 pounds"


January 10, 2021

Rob’s passion for teaching people how to move better is infectious. He’s uplifting, motivating, and encouraging, all while making his clients feel comfortable moving outside their comfort zone. 


February 16, 2021

I feel that since training with Rob  I have become a better person physically, emotionally, and mentally.  Through Rob’s selfless devotion to my success, his extensive knowledge of body mechanics, mobility and weightlifting, my body has transformed itself. I now can (almost) reach parallel on my squats (I had a hard time getting up from a chair), lift heavy objects over my head, pick up heavy objects from the floor, and jump without worrying about my knees giving out (I did my first 12” box jump today!). 


March 10, 2021

Rob Vest


485 Cayuga Rd

Cheektowaga NY, 14225

Tel: 716-560.7438


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