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24 Day 10 Min Challenge

It's easy to get lost this month. It's easy to let your health and wellbeing fall by the wayside because of the "holidays".

I'm going to offer an alternative.

How about you don't .

Let's set a small, achievable little goal.

One that isn't intimidating.

One that is doable.

One that will feel good when we accomplish it.

I'm not sure who needs to hear this, but I'm positive that it needs to be said.

Taking care of your mind and body, is important.

All of the time.

Investing in Self Care, daily.


Here is my offer.

10 mins a day.

until Christmas eve.

Take 10 mins out of your day, everyday between now and then, 24 days or so, of "Sweat time"

Exercise for just 1/6 of an hour.

24 times.

if you take this step.

if you show yourself that you can do this.

It will give you a seriously awesome Christmas present.

You will wake up fitter on Christmas morning, than you are right now.

You will feel better on Christmas morning.

You will look better on Christmas morning.

Committing to this 10 mins a day for yourself will make you better at all the things you want to improve on.

Having the discipline to see this through for the next 24 days.

Don't think I "have" to workout.

Think I GET to workout.

Here is Day 1- if you have no gym, if you have no time, if you have so much fear of starting a workout program,

Start With this 10 min workout

2 movements,

60 Seconds Each for a total of 10 mins (5 rounds if you will)

Movement 1-

Start Standing, Lie down on your stomach, and Stand Up. As Fast as you Can for 60 Seconds

Movement 2- Jumping Jacks ( if your shoulders don't like clapping overhead, clap in front of your body like a seal)

this is it for Day 1.

Let me know how it goes!!!

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