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Don't Eat CRAP!!!!

Updated: Feb 18


Advice for nutrition is often as polarizing and can be as off putting as religion or Politics.

Often times leaving you as angry and frustrated as engaging in FB debates.

I will try not to do that here.

I’m going to offer you some sound advice, which if applied consistently over the next couple months or so, should leave you feeling pretty darn good.

Let’s Make it a list. People tend to like lists.

#1 Eat Real Food.

Yes real food that you have to prepare, you have to cook, that will spoil in a week. We have heard it but I will say it again. The perimeter of the grocery store for the most part is your friend. Green leafy veggies, meats, nuts, seeds, little to no starch, some fruit, and no sugar.

#2 Drink Water.

If this isn’t your mainstay as far as hydration is concerned your body wants it to be. So change. Whenever you are thirsty drink it.

#3 Stay away from Sugar.

I’m not going to talk about why. Just stay away from it. Also I can tell you from personal experience, that if you do not have your sweet cravings under control, stay the heck away from artificial sweeteners. I’m not speaking on the health or not healthy aspect, simply on how it will make you crave, and make you attain other sweeteners, whether they have calories attached or not. They can really kill your self control.

#4 This may be HARD

Know that although this is Simple, the idea of eating healthy, this is the most difficult part of “getting in shape.” There will be more people telling you it’s ok to eat wrong than telling you it’s ok to eat right. The social pressure to indulge when you start down the road to eating healthy cannot be understated. It’s going to be hard to convince your friends it’s ok for you to eat healthy even if they aren’t

#5 Ask for Help

Very Few People can conquer nutrition by themselves. Trying to navigate through the craziness that is Nutrition is not something most of us can handle solo. So seek out help, seek out a community, seek out somebody to help. They, it, whatever, can make all the difference.

#6 Have a Plan

Do not leave this to chance. This plan can be what you best think will help you succeed. Whether it is planning out your every meal or simply not buying bad stuff to bring into your house. Whatever plan you make…make it, and follow through with it. If it doesn’t work, leave room to adjust, but please, plan and execute.

#7 Hold Yourself ACCOUNTABLE

If you would like to take it up a notch, write down everything you eat/ drink. This will hold you accountable to what you are doing on an hourly basis. It is super revealing if you have never done it before, and can be re-revealing (not a word) if you haven’t done it in a while. It is really hard to improve on where you are coming from if you have no idea where you are.

#8 You Can do this.

It’s really that simple. You can do this. But here is the catch, only you can do this. I can’t follow you around all day smacking your wrist or popping out of that bag of cheetos and waving my finger at you. You have the awesome responsibility of being totally responsible for what you put in your body. That can be intimidating, but should also be very empowering.

And there you go Buffalo and Beyond... I hope those are some sound principles that will guide you in making some better decisions about the food choices you make in the days and weeks ahead. I know were getting ready for Summer. Let's start making thoughtful and intelligent decisions about our nutrition.

Best of Health Everyone!!


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