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Home Workout for August 4th 2022

Happy Thursday Everyone.. Let's get to the nitty gritty in this one.. Find two things, with something link handles (dumbbells or Kettlebells would be great

) Gallons of Water, anything that weighs enough to give each hand a bit of a challenge when you walk with it. Combined weight of around 20-70 lbs depending on your fitness levels..

WOD-For Time

"Hang On Please"

Run 400m

Carry 400m

Run 400m

2 Mins of Burpees

Run 400 M

2 Mins of Burpees

Run 400 M

Carry 400m

Run 400 m


100 Sit Ups

Good luck with this one.. it's a doozy...the Carry portion can be farmers, or overhead, or hug a heavy sandbag.. get creative...good luck with this little guy.


Go all in. Dipping your toe in the water is fine before you swim but it is no way to experience fitness. You won't get in shape by "trying it out" You must

do it. You must commit to take action., you must commit to get very uncomfortable. Commit for so long that your children see you and think "I want to do that" Let's get to the point where we become our children's heroes, not athletes on the TV. How amazing would that be.

best of health to you all


P.s. if you have more gas left in the tank after this WORKOUT SPend some time inverting yourself. Yes... .get upside now, Handstands, on the wall, head stands ,crow pose...they are all in play!!

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